Lovense Flexer - The double vibrator

? Breaking News. A new product has just been released by Lovense. The Flexer wants to replace your fingers or your partner's. I let you discover it by yourself.

Lovense Flexer Portable Vibrator controlled by phone and Bluetooth

Introducing the new Lovense Flexer, portable, lightweight and quiet, with app control?

Flexer takes your public playing experience to a whole new level. Thanks to its design, no one will notice your little vibration.

You can use it "on the go". An essential addition to any sex toy collection.

An incredible power that will satisfy even the most intense vibration lovers.

The best finger feeling you've ever experienced with the Lovense Flexer? Let the magic fingers do the work for you!

Super light, hands-free and comfortable; its small size, super smooth silicone and great connectivity make Flexer the best portable remote control sex toy for public play.

One finger or two fingers?
Control the clitoris/G Point vibrators and their movement with the application, independently or together, with your fingertips.

Powerful 3 motors; control the movements of the clitoral and G-spot vibrators independently or together via the app.

Portable; can be worn comfortably under any clothing for hands-free use.

Each motor is very powerful and provides super intense stimulation that gives pleasure throughout the vaginal area.

The insert exerts pressure and movement on the G-spot, creating a "fingering" sensation.

Portable G-spot and clitoral vibrator with application control.
Intense double stimulation.
Multiple sensations and powerful orgasms.
Super light, hands-free operation.
Very elegant, easy to put on and take off.
Best control range of all wearables (Bluetooth).
Up to 2 hours of continuous use.

Lovense Flexer is a fully programmable, remote-controlled and portable dual-panty vibrator that can be customised to a wide range of vibration levels. Our app allows you to choose a power level to suit your personal needs. 3 fixed levels and up to 10 vibration mode patterns.

Compatibility ;
iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 11.0 and later.
Android 5.0 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled).
Mac (Bluetooth 4.0 enabled).
Windows PC (requires Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter for connection).

Short range control (Bluetooth)
Remote control (Internet)
Unlimited vibration patterns.
Can work in sync with music.
Voice activation.
The vibration levels can be adjusted.
1.5 - 2 hours of continuous use.
Made from materials that are safe for the body.
IPX7 waterproofing.
Magnetic USB charging.

Contents of the box ;
The Lovense Flexer is a portable vibrator.
USB charging cable
Instruction manual
Storage bag

This is a Bluetooth insertable double panty vibrator. It has one part that is supposed to go inside your friend down there, and another that is supposed to stay on the outside, above your clitoris. Both parts vibrate and the part that goes inside you also moves in a way they describe as a "come hither" motion. The branding and advertising strongly emphasise that this movement is similar to the act of fingering and... I'll give my thoughts on this in a moment. Let's continue with the technical characteristics.

With all this in mind, you can see that this is a toy that not only allows you to use it in the privacy of your home, but also in public. And by public, I'm not talking about spreading your legs and using it in the middle of a supermarket in front of shocked passers-by, but you can simply put it on, step out and have someone control it while you try to keep it straight.

The toy calls itself silent, which it should be since you should be able to use it in public without any vibrating noises coming from your crotch. We'll see how quiet it is in a minute. It's also body safe, waterproof to IPX7 (meaning it can be submerged in one metre of water for 30 minutes) and comes with a one year warranty. All of these features are typically offered by other Lovense toys as well.

The battery is said to last up to 120 minutes of continuous use. There is a USB cable that connects to the toy magnetically. It also has three continuous vibration modes and 10 other patterns. In the app, you can also create your own patterns.

First of all, for a panty vibrator, at least in an ergonomic sense, this toy works well. You can just slide it in and there won't be any weird bulge in your crotch area suggesting you're wearing a sex toy, even if you're wearing something tight like yoga pants. The toy stayed firmly in place for the time I wore it, and it was quite comfortable, provided you warm up a bit so you can slip it in without pain.

I found that the part of this toy that goes inside you is similar to the G-spot stimulator found on the Nora. However, their movement is quite different, with the Nora moving more in a circle and being a bit bulkier. I think one of the biggest complaints I've heard about the Nora is that the part that goes inside you is too big, so if you're okay with that, maybe the Flexer might be a better option, since it's a bit smaller.

As for the "fingering" movement? Honestly, as a lover of the art of fingering and as someone who would never date someone with super long fingernails, the toy didn't feel like it was fingered by human hands. And I know that's not exactly what you want from a toy, I mean, a dildo doesn't feel like a real penis, and yet they're still great sex toys that can feel really good. I say that because this is a review and I am reporting what I felt. I will say that the motion was very different from other similar sex toys I have tried and that made this toy very unique to me. I certainly didn't get the impression of generic G-spot stimulation.

The hands-free aspect is also very interesting. As this toy is designed for outdoor use, you don't need to hold it in place when you use it. So you can use your hands to stimulate other 'interesting' parts of your body while you take care of the happy places below.

Another thing I would like to comment on is the silence of the Flexer. So this toy has to be quiet because you have to be able to use it outside. I have to say that it is not perfectly quiet, but that is to be expected as it is a vibrator, and a powerful one at that. I did a decibel test and it scored 71 dB in its highest vibration mode.

So, as I said, it's as quiet as it gets. I suppose it would be acceptable to wear it in a place where there is at least some background noise, like a busy restaurant or a concert, but if you take the risk of trying it in a totally silent place, you might be surprised by the buzzing coming from your crotch. So keep this in mind before you wear it outside.

Speaking of buzzing, let's talk about the vibrations. I'm a big fan of intense vibrations, and this toy certainly offers some, both on the clit and on the G-spot. I think the stronger intensities might be a bit too much for some, but I think the range offered by this toy will suit most tastes. Overall, I found this toy to be very pleasurable and it took me on a one-way trip to orgasm land.

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