Exomoon - The new discreet toy from Lovense

A new toy has just appeared in the Lovense shop. The Exomoon.... I was surprised to see that Lovense was selling a lipstick... yes, you read that right. Lovense has released a LIPSTICK but not just any kind of lipstick, you can imagine that Lovense has not started to release cosmetics. No, Lovense is still a brand of sex toys.

Exomoon - Vibrant and Secret Lipstick

I'll give it to you in a thousand, this famous Exomoon is a vibrator but a DISCREET vibrator! You can take it everywhere, it looks like a classic lipstick....

Your pretty, tiny vibrator: matte black casing, bronze control button for the perfect shade of orgasm. Put your secret vibrator in a purse or pocket and no one else will know...

Lovense - June 2022

The Exomoon from Lovense is a secret mini Bluetooth vibrator in the shape of a lipstick ball.

A tiny, discreet, yet powerful vibrator that is intentionally small and light in design.

This handy little vibrator, designed to look like a real lipstick, is a super secret sex toy.

Stimulation on the thumb, solo play with the nipples and clitoris, or even sharing with a partner.

Bluetooth control and remote application, interactive and more via the Lovense Remote application.

USB rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 hours of use.

It is completely waterproof, so go ahead and really enjoy the shower or bath.

It's the perfect everyday sex toy and the best gift for your girlfriend or wife!

The features of Exomoon

  • Light and small: 8cm high and 2cm wide
  • Undetectable as a vibrator (except maybe not people who already have it)
  • Super powerful
  • Waterproof IPX7

What is the price of the Lovense Exomoon?

It is normally sold at 99? but can be easily found at 59? on the official Lovense shop. The promotions Lovense's everyday toys make it possible to afford quality toys at a lower cost.

Is the Exomoon remotely controllable?

Yes, like all Lovense products. The Exomoon is no exception to the rule, thanks to the Lovense Remote application your partner, your friends or Internet users can control your vibrator remotely.

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By clicking on the button below, you will activate the 50% promotion on all products in the Lovense shop