Sextoy gift box : Promotional offers

Lovense has been offering gift cards for some time now to please your boyfriend and friends =p It's quite simple, you build your sextoy box, you pay and you share the gift card online.

Choosing your sex toys

You will have a choice of all Lovense products. You can benefit from Lovense promotions of the day, like today with the "I'm a fan of the world" offer.Special gift offer"and that lasts another 2 days. You have for example

Lovense Exomoon69?
Lovense Tenera99?
Lovense Lush 3119?

Choosing a gift card

You then have a choice of several visuals. It's a great way to make people happy?

There seem to be advent calendars for everything this year. Are you a "Friends" fanatic who can't get enough of the iconic comedy's punchlines? There's an advent calendar for that. And if you're a beauty obsessive who's looking to get as many products as possible for as little money as possible? There's one for that too. But we weren't expecting the latest trend in Christmas gifts: sex toy advent calendars.

If anything can put you in a happy mood, it's these gifts. They contain almost everything you would expect from a sex toy box, such as vibrators, dildos and anal plugs. In addition, they offer accessories that will make foreplay as spectacular as possible.

This Lovehoney set is ideal for couples, but also for solo gamers who want to test out different gadgets and gizmos, but in a discreet way. What's more, the calendar allows you to get a set of devices and favourites for a much more affordable price. In fact, one calendar we found can save you up to 350 $. Now that's something to celebrate (in more ways than one).

Lovense Promotion Code

By clicking on the button below, you will automatically activate the 50% offer on all products in the Lovense shop
By clicking on the button below, you will activate the 50% promotion on all products in the Lovense shop