Lovense Hyphy

Lovense has not finished surprising us! A new one will soon be part of the big family of sex toys designed by Lovensefor our greatest pleasure. His name, Hyphy.

You can take advantage of this offer of -60% if you are a student Student promotion code. The little brother of the Nora and the cousin of the Lush 3 will be perfect to complete your wardrobe.

L'HyphyThis new toy combines, at one end, an ultra powerful high frequency vibration rod, perfect for clitoral (and nipple) stimulation and to give you intense orgasms and instantaneous, and at the other end, a powerful vibrator of the G-spot will give you a prolonged pleasure.

The new dual action vibrator

The promise? Lovense promises a instant orgasm ! And how? Thanks to its innovative antenna and 3 tips provided in the pack! Yes ladies, you will discover the orgasm of Lovense by Lovense. Three tips for three different sensations: a round tip for extended stimulation, a U-shaped tip for caressing sensations and finally a tip that imitates tongue movements to mimic oral sex (my favorite!). Placed on the clitoris, these tips provide incredible sensations. They can also be used on the nipples. Perfect to vary the pleasures!

Without further ado, here are some pictures of the said Hyphy:

The kit provided by Lovense: The vibrator Hyphy + 3 tips

A new iconic color, smooth and soft silicone coating, your choice of power levels, a stable connection and a complete seal make Hyphy an essential addition to your sex toy collection (whether you're a novice or experienced user). Like other Lovense toys, there are several vibration strengths available, as well as pre-designed vibration patterns, for access to 7th heaven.

The recharge plug is located on the case of the toy, and not directly on the toy. This one is thus completely waterproof.

How to charge the Lovense Hyphy?

Turn off the Hyphy, plug in the AC/DC cable provided in the box and let the toy charge itself. Once charged the little red light will turn off.

How long does it take to recharge the Lovense Hyphy?

It takes 1 hour to fully charge the Lovense Hyphy. It should be noted that this is the average time to charge all toys from Lovense.

Does Lovense Hyphy work remotely?

YES, Thanks to the application Lovense Remote (available on iPhone and Android), your partner can control you remotely. The application is very well done. Your partner can move you with his movements and his gestures are directly transcribed to your toy. The application is ideal for long distance relationships and to feel connected with your partner.

Release date of Lovense Hyphy

This new toy was released on October 20, 2021.

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By clicking on the button below, you will activate the 50% of promotion on all the products of the Lovense store
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