Lovense Dolce : Opinions on this sextoy

Ladies, would you like to experience an extraordinary sensation during your solo sexual experiences? Try a smart, connected vibrator like the Dolce from Lovense. We've tested this sextoy for you and in this article we'll give you all the information you need to know about how this sex toy works and how effective it is. 

What is the Dolce?

Dolce, formerly named Quake, is a dual vibrator that was created by Lovense during the year 2021 or the new Lovense Flexer. For those who are not yet familiar with the brand, it is a company that develops innovative sex toys. It was founded by Dan Liu in 2009 and since then it has been constantly researching to offer a wide variety of sex toys to suit all tastes. 

Upon delivery, you will receive a small, standard-sized box with fairly standard packaging. Inside, you will find the double vibrator and its accessories. Indeed, the device will come with a USB cord that you will use for charging. The pack also includes a small cloth bag that you can use to store the vibrator when not in use. If you keep it this way, the machine will be more durable and will serve you longer. Finally, the product comes with instructions for use and a user guide to help familiarise yourself with the use and quick installation of the vibrator. 

Technical specifications

Length of insertable end 9 cm
Diameter of the insertable end 3.8 cm
Length of the clitoral stimulator7.5 cm
Diameter of the clitoral stimulator3 cm

Features and functions of the Dolce 

Dual engine

Not only does the Dolce have two ends, but it also has two strong motors. This means it can emit powerful vibrations to ensure you have a double orgasm when using it. 

It is also worth noting that the vibrator includes a battery that lasts up to 120 minutes. 

Flexible neck 

One of the main advantages of the Dolce is its flexible neck. You can adjust the angle of the arms to suit your anatomy. This way, you can enjoy maximum stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. However, it is not possible to lengthen or shorten the toy. Also, be careful not to straighten the toy completely, as it may break. 


The Dolce is made of soft hypoallergenic silicone. This smooth coating not only presents no health risks, but also provides maximum comfort during use. 

And once the vibrator is inserted, you don't have to worry about it. It stays perfectly in place no matter how hard you vibrate. This leaves your hands free to explore your body and stimulate other erogenous areas such as the neck and chest. 


Since the Dolce includes a state-of-the-art antenna and Bluetooth chip, you can operate it from your smartphone over short and long distances. But to do this, you first need to download the free Lovense app, which you can find in the App Store or Google Play Store. 


Basically, the Dolce already has 7 levels. However, if these do not suit you, you can customise the strength of the vibrations to suit your needs. That's right, you can manage up to 10 patterns. And to make it easier for you the next time you use it, you can simply save the changes you make. 

In addition to choosing the intensity of the vibrations, you can also choose whether or not to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. 

Finally, it is possible to synchronise the vibrations to the rhythm of your favourite songs. 


Although the Dolce is equipped with a motor and a battery, it is waterproof thanks to its waterproof shell. This means that it is safe to use during your aquatic sex games. 

How to use the Dolce?

To use the Dolce, the larger end of the vibrator should be inserted into the vagina. The second end should be resting on the clitoris. As mentioned above, you can easily adjust the device to fit your body shape. 

Once the sextoy is in place, all you have to do is turn it on and let yourself go. To turn the vibrator on, press and hold the ON button for a few seconds (3 to 5 seconds). 

To optimise the use of the device and to ensure maximum comfort, it is strongly recommended that you use a lubricant. Ideally, avoid silicone- and oil-based lubricants and use a water-based lubricant instead.

It is also necessary to choose the intensity level. You can choose from 7 vibration functions, which are: low, medium, high, pulse, wave, spark and earthquake. In addition, you can set the device manually or through the Lovense Remote application. 

Who can use the Dolce?

The Dolce is a vibrator primarily intended for women. They can use it during solitary sexual experiences or during sexual games with their partner. If a couple is in a rut, this toy can be used to spice things up and rekindle the flame. 

Where to buy the Dolce?

Unfortunately, Lovense products are not available in pharmacies. If you want to enjoy an original vibrator in perfect condition, we advise you to buy your device only from the official Lovense website. You can also buy your sex toy through online retailers such as Amazon. 

Our verdict 

The Dolce connected G-spot and clitoral vibrator is one of the best sex toys for women. You can use it alone or give it to your partner, even if he is on the other side of the world. The device is easy to handle and offers maximum comfort for the user. In addition, the different vibration levels and the double ends guarantee dizzying orgasms, a pleasure that can last up to 2 hours.

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