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Excited to have received the Lovense VulseI can't wait to share my detailed experience with this intimate connected toy. For those of you who haven't heard of it yet, the Lovense Vulse is a egg-type vibrator. So, as well as vibrating, it also provides thrusting movements. Its elegant design and promising features herald unique sensual moments. Stay tuned for full details and my in-depth review in the article to come.

Unboxing the Lovense Vulse

Excitement mounts as my fingers gently unwrap the Lovense Vulse. At first glance, I'm instantly captivated by the elegant, discreet design of this egg-shaped vibrator. Its sophisticated silhouette promises an intimate experience like no other. Lightweight and delicate to the touch, the Vulse is an ergonomic pleasure object. Every detail seems to have been designed to build anticipation, creating a palpable promise of sensations to come. The excitement of discovering what's in store for this intimate connected toy is at its peak, and I can't wait to dive into this unprecedented sensory experience.

The main characteristics of Vulse

The Lovense Vulse unveils a range of exceptional features that redefine the experience of intimate pleasure. Its carefully crafted design combines rapid thrusting movements with powerful vibrations for precise G-spot stimulation. Made from body-safe silicone, its light 82g weight and stylish tip ensure easy, comfortable insertion. Impressive technical features include a battery life of up to 65 minutes, and the ability to customise the experience via a dedicated app. Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity enables remote control from up to 13 metres away, adding an interactive dimension. Whether thanks to its various pleasure modes, compatibility with videoconferencing platforms or control by sound, music or movement, the Lovense Vulse promises a unique and personalised sensory adventure.

How do I use Lovense Vulse?

The Lovense Vulse is intuitive to use and allows you to fully customise your viewing experience. pleasure. Once you've loaded the toy, all you have to do is insert it into your vagina. You can then control the vibrations and back-and-forth movements to increase or decrease them. You can also simply place the Vulse on the clitoris to stimulate only the vaginal area. clitoris.

L'Lovense Remote applicationThe user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface becomes the means of controlling the Vulse. Users can adjust the intensity of the vibrations, explore the various pleasure modes, and even synchronise the toy with sound, music or movement. The app also allows control to be shared with a remote partnerThis adds an exciting dimension to intimate play, whether solo or as a couple. Compatibility with videoconferencing platforms offers even more immersive interaction, pushing back the boundaries of virtual intimacy. All in all, Lovense Vulse offers a fluid and adaptable user experience, allowing everyone to tailor their pleasure to their preferences.

Lovense Vulse, for whom?

The Lovense Vulse is for anyone looking for an advanced, personalised intimate experience. Whether you're alone or as a coupleThis connected egg vibrator offers unique sensations thanks to its powerful thrusting movements and vibrations. Its elegant design and innovative features are suitable for both novice users and connoisseurs looking for exceptional sensory intimacy. Remote connectivity makes it ideal for geographically distant couples, adding an interactive dimension to long-distance relationships. In short, Lovense Vulse adapts to a variety of preferences and situations, redefining connected intimacy with elegance and sophistication.

Remote pleasure

The remote control functionality of Lovense Vulse via the application Lovense Remote amplifies the excitement and intimacy of sensual experiences. This innovation allows your partner, even from miles away, to take the reins of pleasure. Whether it's adjusting the intensity of the vibrations, exploring the different pleasure modes, or simply synchronising the toy with sound, music or movement, the app offers a wide range of options. personalisation in full. The connection remotelyLovense Vulse creates a palpable virtual connection, transcending geographical barriers and adding an unprecedented interactive dimension to intimate play. The excitement goes up a notch, knowing that the Lovense Vulse becomes a gateway to shared intimacy, even when physical distance separates the lovers.

Testing the Lovense Vulse

Having experienced the Lovense Vulse, I can confirm that its performances exceed all expectations. The movements of push The rapid movements and powerful vibrations combine harmoniously to provide precise G-spot stimulation of exceptional intensity. The back-and-forth action reminds me of the Lovense Gravity.

The Lovense Vulse's vibrations and intensity offer a subjective experience, however, based on my personal preferences focused on clitoral stimulation, I found the constant settings pleasing, although I would prefer to boost the medium and high levels. Although the patterns are not my preference, I can recognise their appeal to other users. The unique combination of patterns and pushing movements creates an intriguing sensation. Compared to the Lush 3The Vulse seems slightly less intense, but this has to be seen in the context of its dual functions. Overall, I give it a solid score of 8.5/10, underlining its versatility while remaining aware of the subjectivity of individual preferences.

Customisation via the app added an intriguing dimension, allowing me to explore bespoke levels of pleasure. Remote connectivity transformed the experience into a shared adventure, with each setting felt with amplified intensity. The Lovense Vulse transcends the boundaries of intimate pleasure, offering unique and memorable sensations that push the boundaries of connected intimacy.

Quality and defects of Lovense Vulse

The qualities

  • Rich Sensory Experience : The powerful vibrations and varied patterns provide a captivating, intimate experience, rated at 8.5/10.
  • Solid, safe design : The build quality, body-safe silicone and waterproofing add to the toy's reliability.
  • Innovative Connectivity : Long-distance connectivity and the features of the Lovense application are a perfect match. 10/10.
  • Versatility : Offers a combination of vibration and thrust, to suit a range of preferences.


  • Compromise between functions: The duality between vibration and thrust functions can be seen as a limitation, rated at 8/10 for pleasure and comfort.
  • Public Sound Levels : Although manageable, noise levels may not be appropriate in very quiet areas for discreet public play.
  • Relative Price : Although competitive, the price can be considered high for those looking for extreme power.

All in all, the Lovense Vulse offers an innovative experience, but it's essential to consider your individual preferences before investing in this intimate connected toy.

Charging time

The Lovense Vulse has an efficient charging time, creating an almost perfect match with its usage time. With a 1:1 ratio, meaning around 1 hour of gaming for a charge time of just over 1 hour, the device offers a practical and well-balanced experience. This fast charge time ensures quick availability for intimate sessions, although fans of extended gaming may want to consider having another toy in reserve. Ultimately, the clever management of charging time makes the Lovense Vulse a reliable and ready companion for spontaneous fun.

Lovense Vulse for pleasure and comfort

The Lovense Vulse offers a delicate balance between pleasure and comfort. Although the design of the toy is comfortable during insertion, the experience can be perceived as a fusion of two specialities rather than a clear dominance of one or the other. However, this duality is not necessarily a disadvantage, as the insertion remains pleasant and the sensations strong enough to generate pleasure. For my part, although I didn't reach orgasm with the Vulse, this had more to do with my personal preference for intense clitoral stimulation. The pleasant residual vibrations that travel up the neck of the toy nevertheless provide a satisfying experience. Overall, I give it a score of 8/10It's easy to insert and provides powerful sensations, while recognising that everyone has different preferences when it comes to intimate toys.

The Vulse: a discreet vibrator?

Although the Lovense Vulse produces a slight noise level, it maintains a constant discretion This provides an experience suitable for discreet public gaming. In sound tests, pulse and vibration sound levels at low, medium and high levels were found to be acceptable. Although the Vulse is slightly louder than the Lush 3, it's still viable for busier locations such as bars, parties, or busy areas where ambient noise might drown out the toy's faint murmurs. Once inside, the sound is significantly attenuated, preserving discretion. However, in extremely quiet environments such as libraries or quiet cafés, its use could be trickier. To sum up, the Lovense Vulse handles noise reasonably well, offering a enjoyment in appropriate contexts.

My recommendations

I highly recommend the Lovense Vulse for anyone looking for an exceptionally intimate and personalised experience. Its elegant design, impressive technical features and ability to be controlled remotely offer a unique sensory adventure. To guarantee the authenticity and quality of your purchase, we strongly advise you to buy the Lovense Vulse exclusively on the official Lovense shop. This ensures not only product legitimacy, but also dedicated customer service for total peace of mind.

The Lovense Vulse deserves a solid score of 8.5/10. Its powerful vibrations, innovative connectivity and carefully crafted design offer a captivating intimate experience. Although the dual functions may be perceived as a slight limitation, its versatility and ease of use make it an exceptional choice in the market for connected intimate toys.


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