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My name is Anna, I am 32 years old and I live in Quebec. Since April 2021, I have been writing articles on this blog to avoid thinking about Covid ^^

So for the sake of history, why "God of vibrancy"I'm a girl? It's a compromise I made with my boyfriend (Paul) who manages the whole technical part of this site. The servers and all that...

I have lots of ideas for the adventure of "God-Vibro - the vibrating god' lasts as long as possible and you find your happiness?

From kisses


THE brand for connected sex toys

The Singapore-based brand has become a leader in the sale of erotic toys. Specialising in the sale of sex toys that can be controlled remotely through the "Lovense Remote". Today, we are happy to announce the opening of the God-Vibro.com shop. This shop is specialized in the sale of sex toys for the pleasure of men and women. With over 2000 products in stock, you will find sex toys from the top brands including Durex, Kiiroo, Lelo, We-Vibe, Fleshlight and many more. Products from God-Vibro.com are renowned for their quality and security. In addition, their website is easy to navigate and very intuitive, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Products are delivered discreetly and securely, and deliveries are fast. If you're looking for a state-of-the-art sextoy, God-Vibro.com is a great choice. They offer innovative products, connected products and products that offer a variety of features. You'll find vibrators, clitoral stimulators, masturbators, penis rings and even couples toys. God-Vibro.com prices are very reasonable and you will find products for all budgets. Feel free to visit their website to see their full range of products. We're sure you'll find what you need for you

The best promotions

Go to the shop to benefit from the best offers to buy your next toy. All sex toys are delivered to your home within 2 days maximum

Lovense offers almost daily promotions on its site. The Lush 3 is currently at -50%.

Mini vibrator

Find our comparison of mini-vibrators

Mini-vibrators are really handy because they can be hidden anywhere. Some of them are even imitations of everyday objects. They are sometimes as powerful as normal sized sex toys. If you want to discover them it's here 

Are you interested in a sextoy but would like to read some reviews first?

Find below all the products that Paul and I have tested. 


Elegant sex toys

Lelo is a Swedish brand created in 2003. This brand is sold in more than 50 countries, this brand wants to be luxurious with the famous vibrator 24 carats sold 15 000$. (Spoiler: No, I did not test this one) ^^.

Find here all our articles on Lovense and Lelo products

The vibrator panties challenge: Lovense Ferri vs We-Vibe Moxie via @VibeBlissdotcom

Lovense Ferri vs We-Vibe Moxie: The vibrating panties challenge

Vibrating panties are perfect for women looking to stimulate their clitoris. In addition, they allow you to enjoy yourself inside and out.

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Lovense - 60% student discount

Get up to 60% off for students at Lovense with Student Beans. Explore new life aspirations and get instant access to ...

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Lovense Tenera? The direct competitor of the Womanizer

We've been waiting for quite some time for the competitor of the Womanizer from Lovense. I've named the Tenera. The Tenera? Who is it for? ...

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By clicking on the button below, you will automatically activate the 50% offer on all products in the Lovense shop
By clicking on the button below, you will activate the 50% promotion on all products in the Lovense shop