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Lovense Max: Review of this connected masturbator 

Gentlemen, are you tired of switching from one masturbator to another without ever finding satisfaction? Before you decide to throw in the towel, why not try the Max from Lovense? This men's toy has had a lot of positive feedback since it went on sale. Given the popularity of this sextoy, we even tested it and we give you our opinion on the product through this article. 

What is the Max? 

Max is a connected masturbator from one of the best companies operating in the development and production of sex toys. While the look of the toy is quite classic, it looks nothing like other stimulators that are available on the market. 


Usually, we receive the Lovense toys in the most classic white boxes. But this time you can see the difference in the packaging. The Max comes in a black cardboard box with design drawings of the Max on it. This gives the impression that it is a high-tech product and not a sextoy. 

Inside the box, you will find the sextoy first. And underneath, there is a compartment with a charging cable, a user manual and a Bluetooth dongle. 

Technical specifications 

Max length23 cm
Sheath penetration length 17 cm
Orifice diameter extendable to 5.5 cm
Weight 580 g

Features and functions of Max

The design

The Max masturbator consists of a large white cylinder. It is slightly heavier than most sex toys of this type. But don't forget that it contains a lot of technology, so this is normal. Inside the shell there is a soft, supple sheath with small bumps on the inner walls. As you can see, everything has been designed to reproduce the same sensations as during vaginal penetration. 


The Max is IPX6 certified, a point that should be emphasized. It is splash-proof, but cannot be used in or under water. To avoid endangering yourself, do not use it in the shower. 

The materials

Lovense does not skimp on the quality of materials. For your comfort and health, the brand has opted for healthy materials. First of all, the shell is made of plastic and the sheath is made of high quality TPE, which does not contain phthalates. 

The options 

This is the most interesting point. First of all, you should not forget that the masturbator is not just a sheath. It also vibrates and allows you to choose between 3 vibratory modes, all of which are very satisfying. 

But that's not all, the Max also has a compression system that offers 3 levels: 

  • low pressure of 1 to 2 seconds 
  • average pressures of 3 to 4 seconds 
  • strong pressure for 5 to 6 seconds 

Finally, the sextoy can be synchronised with music. 

How to use the Max?

Solo use

To use Max alone when masturbating, use the buttons on the shell. For example, to turn the toy on or off, press button A for 3 seconds. The same button is also used to select the vibration mode, while the second button (button B) is used to control the air flow. 

Short distance use 

Whether you are using it alone or with your partner in the same room, you can use the control over a short distance. Simply download the Body Chat app and link the mobile device with the toy. You can then use your smartphone or other mobile device as a remote control.

Note that Max can also be connected to a PC and this is what the Bluetooth dongle included in the pack is for. 

Long distance use 

Is your partner far away from you? Don't worry, she can take part in your sex games from wherever she is. All you have to do is send her an invitation from the app. 

Note that it is also possible to use the Max in conjunction with the Nora, a connected rabbit from the same brand. This way you can experience long-distance sex.  

Who can use the Max?

The Max is a sextoy designed to give pleasure to men. This toy simulates sexual intercourse and is perfect for bored singles. On the other hand, couples in long-distance relationships and those who want to spice up their lovemaking can also use this little gem. They will not be disappointed.

Where to buy the Max?

The Max masturbator is offered at the lowest price on the market on the official Lovense website. Buying directly from this online shop gives you many advantages. For example, you get a one-year warranty. This means that you are covered for all parts of the sextoy, except for damage caused by wear and tear. 

If for some reason you can't make your purchase on the official Lovense website, then you can find the masturbator on e-commerce sites like Amazon. However, be very careful, as counterfeit products are becoming more and more common. 

Our verdict 

The Max is without a doubt one of the best masturbators of the moment. The sextoy offers many features and its texture has been designed to give you a unique experience alone. And even if you are a couple, you can have fun letting your partner take control of your pleasure. 

However, there is still room for improvement with regard to the noise level of the toy. The Max is quite noisy and this may disturb some users. Fortunately, if you only use it in your bedroom, this should not be a problem.

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