Lovense Lush : Review of this connected vibrating egg 

Do you want to vibrate to the rhythm of a powerful and effective sextoy? Why not try the Lush 1, a connected vibrator that Lovense has designed to spice up your solo nights or your games with your partner. But before you do, you may be wondering if this device really delivers what it promises? Let's find out together! 

What is Lush?

The Lush Original is a Bluetooth connected vibrator that was released in 2015. It is offered by Lovense, a company that develops all kinds of sex toys to allow men and women to experience orgasm in a whole new way. 

Although the Lush 1 was initially popular with Camgirls, it is now a must-have for many lonely women. Many couples in long-distance relationships also use this sex toy. 


The Lush 1 comes in a simple cardboard box. There is no indication that it is a sextoy. When you open the box, you will see the pink vibrating egg, wrapped in a compact foam. And underneath, you will find the instructions for use. The whole thing comes with a USB cable for recharging the device. 

We want to warn you. If you've tried many vibrating eggs before, you might be surprised by the design of this Lush. In addition to the insert part, this vibrator has a small tip that is actually a bluetooth antenna. This is used to receive the digital signals that allow the sextoy to be controlled remotely. 

Technical specifications 

Length of the Lush18 cm
Length of insertable part 8 cm
Diameter 3.5 cm
Weight 63 g
Battery Lithium-ion

Features and functions of the Lush

Vibration modes

Ladies, the Lush is equipped with a powerful motor to satisfy you. In addition, the device offers several vibration modes that you can alternate according to your desires: constant, wave, machine gun. You can also play with the intensity (weak, medium, strong). But the most interesting thing is that you can create your own vibration mode when you use the Lovense application. And best of all, you can synchronise the vibrations with your favourite songs.

The texture 

The Lush is really effective, as it stimulates the G-spot in depth. This is possible thanks to its rounded and domed shape. However, there is one drawback: the On/Off button on the insert. Fortunately, the swelling is imperceptible once the egg is in place. The discomfort should therefore be minimal when using the device. 

In addition, the Lush has a perfectly smooth surface for maximum comfort. Yes, there are no ridges or ripples on the surface. And most importantly, the toy is made of silicone, so you can enjoy the softness and maximum pleasure without fear of allergies and other discomforts. 


Connectivity is one of the main strengths of the Lush 1, as you can connect the toy to your smartphone and perform all the operations from your screen. All you need to do is download and install the dedicated Lovense Remote application and you're done! 

The sextoy can also be controlled by a third party who is miles away from you. This person simply needs to install the app and each time you give them access, they can vibrate you to their heart's content. 

Water resistance 

Would you like to play with the Lush in a bathtub or swimming pool? This is possible, as the toy is protected by a waterproof coating. The fact that the toy is waterproof also makes it easier for you to clean the sextoy. 

How to use Lush?

In order to start enjoying the vibrations of the Lush, the vibrating egg must first be inserted into the vagina. If you don't want to have difficulties inserting the toy, we recommend using a lubricant. But be careful, as the product is made of silicone, only use water-based lubricants to avoid damaging it. 

As mentioned above, the On/Off button is located on the insert. It is therefore not easy to operate the toy manually. Instead, you can do everything from your smartphone, in the "short distance" tab. To adjust the intensity from the screen, simply slide your finger up and down. Note that it is also possible to give control to a third party who is miles away from you.

Before and after each use, remember to wash your Lush with a cloth soaked in soapy water or with a toy cleaner. The silicone used on this toy attracts dust and as the vibrator does not come with a storage bag, it can easily get dirty. 

Who can use Lush?

The Lush is a sex toy that is perfect for single women. Yes, with this product it is possible to experience orgasmic sensations even when you are alone in the evening. 

In addition, couples can also use this sextoy, either live or remotely. 

Where to buy Lush?

Although Lovense products are available from many e-commerce sites such as Amazon, we recommend that you only buy your vibrator from the official brand website. This is the only way to ensure you get a genuine and functional Lush. 

PS: The Lush Original is no longer on sale, even on the official Lovense website. Indeed, since the Lush 2 was invented, the brand has stopped selling the first model. 

Our verdict 

Being the first model in its range, the Lush Original needs some improvements. This is the case with the location of the on/off button on the insert, which makes it impossible to operate the device manually. Fortunately, this problem can easily be solved with the remote control. Some users also complain about some bugs. But apart from these minor inconveniences, this sex toy is a safe bet. It promises a thrilling experience, whether you are alone or with your partner. 

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