Lovense Gemini : Review of this vibrating nipple clamp

Looking for a sex accessory to spice up your lovemaking? If you are a fan of BDSM practices, we recommend nipple clamps. This is a toy that is used to pinch the tips of the breasts to create a mixture of pain and pleasure.

But which of the many nipple clamps available on the market is worth buying? We had the opportunity to test the Gemini from the leading brand Lovense and in this article we give you our opinion on this innovative new sex accessory.

How is the Gemini?

Since the beginning of the year 2022, Lovense has not stopped creating little wonders for the pleasure of singles and couples. Yes, after the Flexer panty vibrator and the Hush 2 anal plug, the brand has launched the Gemini nipple clamp, which we'll let you discover here.


Like all the brand's sex toys, the Gemini is delivered in a white cardboard box, a very classic packaging. On the cover, you can immediately see the shape of the accessory, as its image is printed on the box along with some product information.

Open the box to find :

  • a vibrating nipple clamp
  • a USB charging cable
  • a bra clip
  • a necklace
  • a storage bag
  • a user manual

The design

Now let's see what the nipple clamp looks like.

The accessory is a pretty pink colour with two clamps connected by a cord. In the middle is a small box with a screen that controls the toy.

Length of a clamp57 mm
Width of a clamp36 mm
Length of a cord105 mm 

Why choose the Gemini?

The Gemini is a real innovation. Here's why.

Pliers for everyone

To choose the right nipple clamp, you need to consider the type of breasts you have. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this with the Gemini. Yes, this accessory is suitable for everyone. It doesn't matter if you have flat, puffy, inverted or hairy breasts; the Gemini will adapt to be really effective.

An adjustable sex accessory

Is the pinch not strong enough for your taste? Just adjust the intensity.

In addition, the Gemini allows you to choose from multiple vibration patterns. First, there are the pre-recorded modes with 3 stable levels and several modes.

If you are not satisfied with these, you can create your own vibrations and record them. Finally, you can synchronise the vibrations of the clamp with your favourite songs or choose the sound activation.

Remote control

The Gemini is no ordinary clamp, it also vibrates. To control the vibrations, you can pair the sextoy with a mobile device and use the Lovense Remote app. Alternatively, you can sync the clamp with one of the brand's long-distance sync sextoys like the Calor, Max 2 or Nora.

Waterproof clamps

The Gemini clamp is IPX6 certified waterproof. This means that it can withstand splashes of water. You can then clean it with plenty of water after each use to keep the toy clean.

However, as it is not IPX7 certified, you cannot use it in the shower by fully immersing it. You risk damaging the device and this would be dangerous. So avoid it!

A portable sex accessory

You can use the Gemini even when you leave the house. Simply use the bra clip to hang the accessory. The other option is to use the necklace that comes with the product as a support. In both cases, you can wear your Gemini without arousing suspicion. Maximum pleasure anywhere, discreetly! 

A quality battery

The autonomy of the device is one of the criteria to take into account when choosing a nipple clamp. In this respect, the Gemini will not disappoint you. Indeed, the accessory is equipped with a high quality battery that promises up to 120 minutes of continuous use.

And when you want to charge the gadget, you simply place the USB charging cable on the magnetic port. 

Who is the Gemini for?

Although the Gemini is pink in colour, it is a unisex accessory. Yes, both men and women can use this toy to give themselves more pleasure during sex or to raise the temperature during foreplay.

Gentlemen, rest assured. You don't have to have big breasts and nipples to use this clamp. No matter what shape your nipples are, this Lovense model will fit you perfectly.

Where to buy the Lovense Gemini?

As mentioned above, the Gemini is a brand new product from Lovense. That is why it is only available on the official website of the brand. To buy it, go to the online shop and select the sextoy of your choice from the catalogue.

Note that by using the Lovense platform, you benefit from multiple advantages. First of all, it is the best way to buy an authentic product. Yes, on e-commerce sites, there is a risk that you will come across a counterfeit.

In addition, the Gemini is covered by a one-year warranty on the site. This means that if the product is not functional or has a defect, you can have it replaced or request a refund.

This innovative nipple clamp is currently on special offer and is therefore priced at 69 $.

Final opinion on the Gemini

The Gemini is a nipple clamp that has nothing to do with the ordinary models on the market. First of all, the clamp does not just apply pressure to your nipples. It also vibrates to give you an even more intense sensation.

Secondly, the accessory can be remotely controlled and coupled with other sex toys of the same brand. This increases the options for use during sex. Finally, the Gemini offers excellent value for money. So don't hesitate to buy it for even naughtier evenings.

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