Lovense Ferri: Magnetic panty vibrator review

The Ferri is this sextoy that has been in the news a lot because of its similarity to the product of Lovense's main competitors. So, is it as effective as the other portable vibrators on the market? It is impossible to make an opinion without testing the product. We have done this for you and through this review we will help you to see more clearly. 

What is Ferri? 

The Ferri is offered by Lovense, a company with a very good reputation in the development and production of connected sex toys. 

It is a stimulator that aims to excite the clitoris and the labia. First of all, it is important to note that this sextoy cannot be inserted like conventional vibrators. The small device must simply be placed in the panties. Afterwards, you can go back to your work and enjoy the multiple vibrations emitted by the toy.  

The technical characteristics

Length 7.8 cm
Width2.6 cm
Thickness 2 cm
Weight37 g
Battery Lithium-ion


In the Ferri box you will find the vibrator in a foam mould. Next to it, there is a compartment where the charger and the user manuals are stored. The little extra? The pack contains a small bag that you can use to store your Ferri to keep it dust-free.

Features and functions of Ferri 

Healthy materials

Like all Lovense products, the Ferri is made of high quality materials. Indeed, there is a part made of ABS plastic and another part made of medical grade silicone. As you can see, everything is hygienic and safe for your health. So you can play with the toy as many times as you like. 

Maximum comfort

User comfort is one of Lovense's greatest concerns. First of all, the shape and size of the toy have been designed to be used discreetly. Secondly, the Ferri is held in place by the use of magnetic caps. So you can walk or even run while wearing the vibrator in your panties. 

PS: Avoid wearing jeans when using this toy. Instead, wear a skirt, dress or straight trousers for maximum comfort. 

A discreet toy 

Since the Ferri does not intrude on your privacy, it can produce quite powerful and loud vibrations. Nevertheless, the noise emitted by the device is still acceptable, even for use in a public place. Just be sure to choose lively places like a restaurant. 

Connectivity and long range 

The appeal of Lovense's toys lies in their connectivity and long range. If you control the toy via Bluetooth, you will be able to control it 360 degrees, up to 13 metres when standing and 6-9 metres when sitting. However, if another person wants to control the toy over a long distance (via the internet), they can do so from anywhere.

A waterproof toy 

Would you like to have fun with the Ferri in the shower or pool? This is possible, because the sextoy is certified IPX7 waterproof. So you can immerse it in water. 

How to use the Ferri?

The Ferri is certainly one of the easiest sex toys to use. There is no need to insert it anywhere. Just put it in your panties and off you go! 

Furthermore, the sextoy can be operated in two ways. The first method is manual operation using the easily accessible button. Unfortunately, this is not the most interesting way, especially if you use the toy in outdoor areas. 

The best thing to do is to use the remote control for greater discretion. Simply download the Lovense Remote application from Google Play or the App Store. Make sure you choose a compatible device. Once you have connected your mobile device to the toy, all you have to do is perform all the operations from the smartphone screen. 

Several vibration modes are already integrated in the panty vibrator. But if you can't find what you're looking for, you can create your own vibration cycles. You also have the option of synchronising the vibrations with music. Whatever your taste, you can enjoy maximum pleasure in complete discretion. 

Who can use the Ferri?

The Ferri is a sex toy primarily for women. If you are single and want to spice up your solo evenings, slip this tiny device into your underwear and let yourself go. It is also possible to use the Ferri with your partner. You can then give him/her control of the sextoy and he/she can make it vibrate to his/her liking. 

Where to buy Ferri?

The Ferri is available on the official Lovense website. We recommend that you buy only on this platform to guarantee the authenticity of the product and to benefit from a guarantee of up to 1 year.

But it is true that you can also buy the Ferri from many e-commerce sites like Amazon. Unfortunately, if you have a problem with the product you bought, there is a risk that you will not be able to make any claims or get a refund. 

Our verdict 

Do you like to have a good time? Whether you're a couple or solo, in the privacy of your bedroom or in a public place, the Ferri is the accessory you need to have on you to experience orgasmic sensations. Even though this sextoy is tiny, it emits vibrations powerful enough to put you in a state of mind. In fact, the vibrations are so effective that you need to control the intensity. If you go too hard, you may only feel numbness.

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