Lovense Edge: Review of this vibrating prostate massager

Prostate massage, if done correctly, is one of the best ways for men to reach seventh heaven. Want to learn how to do it? Among the accessories you need is a prostate massager such as the Lovense Edge. But is this stimulator really effective? We have tested it for you and give you feedback in this article. 

What is the Edge?

The Edge is a prostate massager that is designed to stimulate the prostate, also known as the 'P-spot'. The sextoy is among the first to be released by Lovense, a company specialising in the development of connected and interactive sextoys. 


Discretion is undoubtedly one of Lovense's greatest assets. In fact, the brand does not fail to underline this on its official website with the mention "Discreet delivery". The Edge will be delivered in a classic white box. On the box you will find a lot of information about the product. When you open the box, you can immediately access the prostate massager, which is firmly seated in a foam mould. The toy comes with a magnetic USB charging cable and a user manual. Unfortunately, a storage bag is not included. 

The technical characteristics 

Base length12.5 cm
Length of insertable part 10 cm
Diameter 3.5 cm maximum
Weight141 g

Features and functionality of Edge

Various vibration modes 

The variety of vibrations is the main strength of the Edge Prostate Massager. Basically, you can choose between 3 constant modes (light, medium and strong). But in addition, you can program up to 10 vibration cycles and save them for future use. In addition, it is possible to synchronise the vibrations with your favourite songs, either from a smartphone or from Spotify. Finally, the device can be activated according to the ambient sounds picked up by the smartphone's microphone. 

Two powerful engines 

To help you achieve ecstasy, the Edge has two super-powerful motors. The first motor is inserted in the head and the second in the part that stimulates the perineum. And the best part is that you can control both motors independently from the application. 

Maximum comfort 

Lovense ensures that users of its sex toys can enjoy maximum comfort. For the Edge, the brand has carefully chosen quality materials. Indeed, we have medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic and does not contain latex or phthalates. This means that people with sensitive skin do not have to worry about skin reactions.

In addition, the shape of the toy allows it to stay in place once it is inserted. This means you can use it during sex and on the move.

How to use the Edge?

After purchasing the Edge, you must first charge it. It can take about 90 minutes to fully charge. Only then can you start enjoying your toy. 

Then remember to wash your toy before and after each use. You can clean it with warm water and mild soap. To facilitate insertion, don't hesitate to use lubricant. But be careful with silicone-based lubricant, which can damage the toy. Water-based lubricants are better.

When it comes to handling, you have two options. The first is to operate the toy manually. To turn on the toy, you have to press the button for a few seconds. A vibration indicates that the toy is switched on. Then, to switch from one vibration cycle to another, simply press the same button. 

The second option is to use the app and use your phone as a remote control. Simply download the Lovense Remote app from Google Play or App Store and install it on your smartphone before creating an account. Note that you can hand over control of the massager to a third party, regardless of where they are located.

Who can use the Edge?

The Edge is designed to please men. Single men can use it for masturbation and those in a relationship can use it to spice up sex. Since the massager is securely in place, there is no need to worry about it falling out during sex.

The Edge is also suitable for long-distance relationships. Your partner can help you reach orgasm by manipulating the sextoy from thousands of miles away. 

Where to buy the Edge?

With the success of Lovense sextoys, counterfeits are starting to flood the market. To avoid mishaps, we advise you to buy your sextoy only on the official website of the brand, which is the only authorized seller. This way, you can benefit from a 1-year guarantee and you can be sure that the prostate massager is genuine. 

It is worth mentioning that even though Lovense has already produced the Edge 2, this first model is still available on the brand?s official website and you can get it for only 69$. 

Note also that you can find the Edge for sale on sites such as Amazon. However, if you decide to go through these platforms, we advise you to be careful to avoid scams and counterfeits.

Our verdict 

With the release of this prostate massager, Lovense has met the needs of many single men and couples. With its shape, multiple vibration modes and battery life, the Edge has everything you need to easily reach orgasm. However, there is still room for improvement when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity. The connection can be unstable and interrupted. Fortunately, this problem does not affect the performance of the toy when you manipulate it manually or over a long distance.

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