Lovense Ambi: Review of this ultra-powerful mini vibrator 

More and more women are using vibrators. Not only do these toys help women to get to know their bodies better, they also make it easier to reach orgasm. Of the thousands of sex toys available on the market, the Ambi is undoubtedly one of the most popular. But despite its popularity, is it really worth it? In this article you will find our detailed review of this product. 

What is Ambi?

The Ambi is a mini vibrator that was released in 2017. It is offered by Lovense, a company that started in 2009. At the time, founder Dan Liu was struggling with a long-distance relationship. In order to solve his problem and that of millions of other people around the world, he started to look into teledildonics. Today, Lovense is considered a leader in the development and production of connected sex toys. 


As with most of its products, Lovense has once again opted for discretion in its packaging. The Ambi comes in a classic white box. When you open the box, you find the remote controlled mini vibrator in a foam mould. The device also comes with a USB charging station, a user manual and a storage pouch. 

The technical characteristics 

Total length of the Ambi8.6 cm
Handle length6.10 cm
Handle width 2.63 cm
Length of the stimulating head 5.82 cm
Width of the stimulating head 2.76 cm

Features and functions of Ambi

The design 

In terms of shape, the Ambi is quite different from the vibrating eggs offered by the competition. At first glance, the device resembles a small hammer that includes a stimulating head to be inserted into the vagina, as well as a handle. Although this second part is designed to hold the vibrator, it can also be used to stimulate the clitoris. 

At the other end of the toy is the magnetic charger with two metal connectors. Rest assured, these are sufficiently recessed, so you won't accidentally touch them during your sessions. 

Vibration modes 

As far as the vibration modes are concerned, the possibilities are quite limited at first. Indeed, you only have three configurations: low, medium and high intensity. Fortunately, the Ambi makes up for this by allowing you to customise up to 10 vibration patterns. Then, for extra fun, you can even combine two different modes. 


The Ambi has a quality Lithium-ion battery that provides up to one and a half or even two hours of continuous use. Just remember to charge the device thoroughly before first use.

Texture and comfort 

The Ambi not only gives you pleasure. It also ensures maximum comfort with its perfectly smooth and soft surface. How is this possible? Because the toy is made of medical grade silicone, perfectly healthy and hypoallergenic. Since there are no phthalates or latex, you don't have to worry about allergic reactions and other discomforts. 


The Ambi can be connected to a mobile device. To do this, you need to download and install the brand's application: Lovense Remote. The application is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 and later (with bluetooth 4.0), and with iOS 11.0 and later. It is also possible to connect the Ambi to a PC. But in this case, a Lovense Bluetooth adapter must be used. 

Thanks to the connectivity of the device, you can operate it from your smartphone, tablet or connected watch. You can also give control of the sextoy to your partner or a complete stranger who is thousands of miles away.

How to use the Ambi?

Due to its shape and vibrations, the Ambi can be used to stimulate different erogenous parts of the body: the clitoris, the vulva, the perineum and even the breasts. As you can see, this toy can provide general stimulation, localised stimulation or even super-localised stimulation, depending on how you use it. 

To begin the experience, turn on the Ambi. There are two options for this. Either use the button on the toy or activate it from your mobile device. If you want to operate it manually, press the button for a few seconds. Afterwards, lightly press the same button to change the vibration mode. 

To facilitate the penetration of the toy into the vagina, feel free to use a water-based lubricant only. 

And after each use, remember to clean well before storing in the pouch. 

Who can use the Ambi?

With its girly colour and design, it goes without saying that the Ambi is a product designed for use by women. Indeed, it perfectly meets the needs of single women who want to take their masturbation sessions to the next level. 

But this sextoy is not only for loners. Ladies, you can also use it during sex with your partner. The toy fits perfectly in any sexual position (missionary, doggy style, cowgirl) and won't interfere with your partner's sex life. 

Where to buy the Ambi?

With the success of Lovense sex toys, many sellers are offering counterfeit products. To avoid scams, we advise you to buy your Ambi only from the official Lovense website. This is the only way to be sure of the authenticity of the toy. Moreover, as the product is guaranteed for several months, you can make a complaint or ask for another model to be sent if the one you have purchased is not functional. 

Our verdict 

Although the Ambi is small in size, it is no match for other vibrators. Whether you're alone, in a relationship or in a long-distance relationship, this toy promises to provide you with a wild time with its powerful vibrations. The design of the device also allows for the stimulation of different erogenous parts, which guarantees an even more orgasmic experience. 

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